“Crew Love is True Love” is the most fitting way of describing the Crew Love collective, who we recently had the pleasure of collaborating with on their first collaborative vinyl project, now available as a 3×12“ set of split Black & Red records.

All 17 members of the crew, consisting of Wolf + Lamb, Soul Clap, No Regular Play, Slow Hands, Nick Monaco, Pillow Talk and Navid Izadi, put their special touch on this drawing together elements of rap, R&B and the crew’s signature good-time funk.


Record 1 Side A
01. Crew Love – Smokers Delight feat. PillowTalk & Soul Clap
02. Soul Clap & Navid Izadi feat. Kidhead – Unprotected Ex
03. Crew Love – Hella Rigorous feat. Navid Izadi & Tanner Ross

Record 1 Side B
01. Serato Control Tone CV02.5 (15min)

Record 2 Side C
01. PillowTalk & Soul Clap – Love Train feat. Greg Paulus & Crew Love
02. No Regular Play – Psycho Villian
03. Lonely C – Hypnogogic Light

Record 2 Side D
01. Serato Control Tone CV02.5 (15min)

Record 3 Side E
01. Life on Planets feat. N’Dinga Gaba – Goblet In Hand
02. Slow Hands – Neverwood (It’s Okay)
03. Baby Prince & Greg Paulus – Girl Scout Cookies

Record 3 Side F
01. Serato Control Tone CV02.5 (15min)

• 3x 12″ Control Vinyls

• Control Vinyls zur Steuerung der Serato DJ und Serato Scratch Live Software


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